Bedroom Traveling is all about the stuff that can take us away without leaving our bedrooms. Namely; books, television, movies. As an equal opportunity reviewer the things covered here will run the gamut from high to low brow, masterpieces to deliberately terrible.

Right now Bedroom Traveling is just a girl, me (who is too old to call herself a girl but feels too immature to use the word woman), sitting in her apartment and reading too many books, watching too many television shows, and absorbing too many films.

My reviews may or may not be timely. It might take me years to get to a book that I’m desperate to read which just came out, or I might throw it to the top of my TBR (that’s to be read) pile. I never know.

Some of my favorite things include: Victor Hugo, F. Scott Fitzgerald, all Brontes (with a skew towards Emily), Wes Anderson, Donna Tartt, Charles Dickens (no one could name a character like that man), Jean Luc Godard, Lena Dunham, Vladimir Nabokov, television shows that star adults pretending to be teenagers, J.D. Salinger, dystopian YA fiction, historical fiction, real life history, Olivier Assayas, Star Wars, Jane Austen, musicals, European royal families, and a lot more stuff that either will or will not come up.